Escape games for school trips

Out and about together, solving puzzles and working as a team: This is what you can do with your class in Burgdorf, Richterswil and Brugg!

Discover the ultimate outdoor team experience with your class at the Swiss Youth Hostels! Up to 30 students can compete in exciting adventures combining GPS geocaching and augmented reality technology. Choose between two enthralling missions that encourage teamwork and critical thinking, and solve tricky puzzles and challenges together.  

Equipped with a tablet and a folder full of information, you set off on an adventurous journey of discovery around the youth hostel. It’s an exciting race against time and the other teams: Who will solve all the puzzles and collect the most points to win the team challenge?  


Book your stay at Burgdorf, Brugg or Richterswil Youth Hostel (note our special rates for schools) and book an outdoor escape game (two different games to choose from)

Period of stay

01.04.2024 - 01.12.2024

Available in the following youth hostels

Brugg , Burgdorf , Richterswil

Game 1: The Magic Portal   

Danger looms from long-forgotten worlds! The local Portal Guardian was knocked out by a powerful spell, and now evil creatures roam our enchanting, proud and unique Switzerland. But there is still hope, thanks to you!   

Difficulty level: 2 of 5  
Duration:   100 minutes 
Technical affinity:  None 
Age:  8 and up 
Recommended group size:  3 to 6 players per team 
Maximum number of people:   30 players (5 groups) at the same time in a direct duel

Spiel 2: Operation Mindfall  

Code-named Operation Mindfall, it is up to you to save the world from a total apocalypse. Follow in the footsteps of Dr Bergmann, hack into the server and stop the doings of Spider Tech. Good luck. Over and out!   

Difficulty level:   3 of 5 
Duration:   100 minutes 
Technical affinity:  Not a must 
Age:  12 and up 
Recommended group size:  4 to 6 players per team 
Maximum number of people:  30 players (5 groups) at the same time in a direct duel 

Special prize Outdoor Escape Game for school classes  

Game 1 or game 2: CHF 49 per team (max. 6 people)  

Please note  

Please book the offer in advance directly with the youth hostel or using the enquiry form, as availability is limited. In bad weather, the games can also be held indoors.  

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