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The sustainability strategy

of the Swiss Youth Hostels and the Swiss Foundation for Social Tourism


We want to make travel affordable, especially for people with limited financial means. Integration and inclusion for guests (including barrier-free access) is important to us. When it comes to our catering offerings, we ensure a balanced diet with fairly produced products. In our actions, we ensure contact with local institutions and the population.

We support educational measures both for guests and for our employees. We pay particular attention to appropriate, fair wages, social security, fair employment models, integration and inclusion of employees, and an appreciative, meaningful working environment.


We want to continue to play a far-reaching pioneering role in environmental and climate protection. In doing so, we pursue the implementation of effective measures in the interests of a circular economy and act responsibly and out of conviction.


We want to continue to achieve the greatest possible profitability while taking into account our values and objectives. We are concerned about sufficient liquidity, adequate reserves and a healthy capital structure. This serves to secure a livelihood and the ability to meet civil society’s objectives in the long term.

As a non-profit organisation, we rely on broad financial support from our members, patrons, partners and the public sector.


We want to promote national and international partnerships and cultivate close cooperation with the public sector. Cooperation takes precedence over competitive thinking – together we create real added value for everyone. ​

We present our values, achievements and results to the public in transparent financial and non-financial sustainability reporting.