Balanced menus with Swiss ingredients

05. NOV. 2021

A soup or salad from the buffet, a finely prepared main course including dessert – you can look forward to all this.

The dishes are just as varied as our establishments: sometimes Swiss, sometimes cosmopolitan, sometimes classic, sometimes innovative. Our focus is on high-quality food and dishes at a reasonable price. There is a vegan menu available every day, which is usually also offered in a vegetarian version or with meat. We source a majority of the ingredients from the respective region. In the spirit of sustainability. Furthermore, gluten- and lactose-intolerant guests also get their money’s worth. To reinforce our values regarding food for our guests, we offer seasonal fruits and vegetables. In order to meet the individual wishes of our guests, there is a possibility for them to help themselves to toppings for their dishes. Water stations and free second servings for the extra hungry are also available at our youth hostels.

Even late arrivals or to satisfy a craving in between is provided for. From drinks, sweet and savoury snacks, hygiene products to regional specialities, souvenirs and merchandising, the self-kiosk is available around the clock.

Getting hungry? Plan your next party with us!

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