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    Discover the city from a different perspective with Surprise city tours

    Experience the Swiss cities of Bern, Basel and Zurich from a different perspective. This is an opportunity to meet people affected by poverty and homelessnesses – the experts on the street – and to hear them talk about their everyday lives. 

    Working in collaboration with social institutions, the Surprise Association has introduced the first “socially-conscious city tours” of this kind in Switzerland. Surprise city guides talk about their day-to-day lives and reveal places that would otherwise pass you by. As part of the tour, the guides show visitors their public living rooms or private emergency sleeping areas. The city guides share a common mission – to break down prejudices.

    Reduced price for our members

    For just CHF 15

    You decide which city and tour you want to take part in. As a member of the Swiss Youth Hostels, you benefit from attractive price reductions for Surprise city tours.

    It’s really easy to take part:
    – Sign up for your favourite tour
    – Select the number of people who wish to attend (reduced price)
    – Important: Please write Swiss Youth Hostels and your membership number in the “Organisation” section

    Surprise – socially-conscious city tours

    • Basel

      Experience Basel from a different perspective. Surprise offers 6 exciting city tours in this beautiful city on the Rhine.

    • Berne

      Explore the Swiss capital accompanied by Surprise experts on one of 6 city tours on offer.

    • Zurich

      The 4 city guides from the Surprise Association show Zurich from a different perspective on 7 different routes with different themes.

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