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A creative way to level up English skills…

What if the whole class could immerse themselves completely in the English language during the camp? A wide range of workshops and creative items on the programme encourage participants to have fun using the language, and since the trainers at LevelUp English are all English-speaking, the language is conveyed naturally.  

A brief introduction to LevelUp English:

During the school trips to the most beautiful places in Switzerland, not only the kids can take a break from everyday life, but also the teachers. The English-speaking trainers take care of the organisation, leaving enough time to create unique memories with the class and enjoy your time together. At LevelUp English, great emphasis is placed on educational qualifications, humanity and trainers who are passionate about LevelUp’s vision.

How to set things up

  • Contact LevelUp English with what you expect from your school camp  

  • Book the youth hostel of your choice or let the LevelUp team take care of it (or maybe you’ve already booked the youth hostel) 

  • Set a course of action with the specialists from LevelUp English (they take care of the organisation of the entire supporting programme with what you’ve given them) 

  • Look forward to the LevelUp English class camp at the Swiss Youth Hostels 

Bookable locations with Level Up English

  • Baden Youth Hostel

    Explore the multifaceted spa town of Baden with us! Experience the historical charm of the city and a rustic youth hostel on the banks of the Limmat and learn English at the same time.

  • Delémont Youth Hostel

    Immerse yourself in the fascinating city of Delémont! Explore the historic alleys, have fun improving your English and discover hidden treasures.

  • Lausanne Jeunotel Youth Hostel

    Experience the heart of French-speaking Switzerland: Lausanne! Culture, culinary delights and breathtaking views of the lake await you. And besides French, you can also learn perfect English here.

  • Solothurn Youth Hostel

    Experience adventure in Solothurn! Discover a historic old town, exciting activities and a wealth of opportunities to learn English.

  • St. Gallen Youth Hostel

    Fancy a school trip in the great outdoors? Then St. Gallen Youth Hostel, surrounded by greenery, is perfect for you! A bit away from the city centre, learning the English language is easy!

You can find more information about LevelUp’s class trips here: