MS Sports & Swiss Youth Hostels

Swiss Youth Hostels as a partner to MS Sports overnight camps

Whether football, horseback riding, dancing, tennis, chess, biking or polysports, with MS Sports, kids can look forward to an awesome experience with lots of new friends and unforgettable days – all in the name of sports. MS Sports organises around 400 camps for kids – some with an overnight stay and an awesome camp experience.

Overnight camps

You’ve always wanted to participate in a cool MS Sports Camp, but unfortunately they habe always been too far away? Together with MS Sports, the Swiss Youth Hostels offer the laid-back option to participate in an overnight camp. If you opt for an overnight camp, 24-hour supervision and all the associated services are included, of course. To the overnight camps.

Promocode: Youthhostel

We’re actively helping MS Sports to offer children and young people something fantastic to do during the holidays. Use the code youthhostel and we’ll give you a discount of CHF 15 when you book an MS Sports camp.

Founder and CEO Mario Sager:

«Sports are our passion. We offer children and young people aged 6 to 15 inexpensive, meaningful and high-quality holiday activities and enable them to have fun and exercise during their school holidays. Another plus: this also eases the burden on parents. It is important to us that no social or financial barriers stand in the way of the children.»

Swiss Youth Hostels as a partner

In this interview, founder and CEO Mario Sager talks about the recipe for success in the now 14-year history of the MS Sports Camps.

MS Sport Camps - from a coach's point of view

This is how a coach experiences the MS Sport football camp in Schaffhausen – days full of small challenges and unforgettable experiences.