Live in the moment! Seize the day!

We often hear the phrase, “Don’t just dream your life, live your dreams!,” While this phrase can be inspiring, it can be somewhat unrealistic in everyday life. No one can make unforgettable memories from one day to the next. But it’s still important to make memories whenever you have the chance. So why not gather your mates together and go boarding, biking, hiking or spend a fun weekend in the city! At Swiss Youth Hostels, you can enjoy a budget-friendly stay in the heart of the action. Make the moment yours! #YOLO 

Book lift tickets, club admissions and much more

We can help you organise a range of great leisure activities when you book your hostel bed or room. Choose from countless great activities, including shopping experiences, concerts and museums. We will make sure you have the right admission tickets and all the information you need. Our partner network makes a lot of things so easy. This frees up your time to focus on what really matters in life: free time and friends.

Together, we’ll achieve great things!

The Swiss Youth Hostels ‘Hostel Card Premium’ makes stays even more affordable both in Switzerland and abroad. It also entitles you to visit museums and leisure facilities at reduced prices. What’s more, you will have access to our community events – completely free of charge! All from just CHF 15 a year.

Wherever the wind blows you and whatever your heart desires

You’ll have endless options when it comes to picking the ideal travel spots for you and your mates. Are you up for a city break, a weekend of skiing or mountain biking, or a trip into the countryside – or do you just want to go with the flow? 

Get inspired by our travel tips and plan your next epic adventure. Wherever you decide to go, we’ll be there for you every step of the way! 

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