Family time

Fun and excitement everywhere

There’s always something going on to amuse the kids in a youth hostel. We all know that everyday life can be very chaotic with kids. That’s why it’s a relief to know you can pack your bags and enjoy a weekend or an entire holiday at our family-friendly and affordable youth hostels. Your kids will quickly find friends to play with and you’re sure to have plenty of time to relax. No kidding!

Perfect hostels for family trips

Fun, comfortable and awesome in every way

Hey, family crew! Welcome to a paradise for adventurers of all ages. In our youth hostels, you will find not only cosy beds, but also a wide range of extras that will make your family holiday truly unforgettable.

Our family prices

Our prices are calculated fairly and always CHF 7 cheaper for members. This leaves you with more budget for great excursions. After all, the busier you keep the kids, the more likely they will sleep soundly all night. This means there will be time for you to relax with a refreshing drink from the self-serve kiosk.


100% child-friendly

Our hostels are 100% child-friendly, offer lots of play facilities and offer plenty of spacious family rooms.


An abundance of youth hostel options

You can choose to stay in a castle, a stylish urban hostel, a romantic palace, a stately villa or an idyllic country hostel.


Family-friendly hikes

From barbecuing to swimming and from climbing to messing around: on hikes with children, variety is the aha and ooh!


Family adventures – our blog recommendations

Check out our blog posts and draw on the expertise of our family holiday professionals