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Seasonal dishes

Every day, the Swiss Youth Hostels offer delightful and balanced daily menus.

Our menus include a salad or soup, a main course and a dessert. The current weekly menu plans are posted at our youth hostels.


  • Cream of spinach soup with feta cheese
  • Carrot and orange soup
  • Cream of vegetable soup
  • Bouillon with fried batter pearls
  • Cream of celery soup
  • Fennel and carrot soup
  • Bouillon with diced vegetables
  • Cream of pumpkin soup
  • Tomato soup
  • Cream of corn soup
  • Alphabet soup


  • Cabbage salad with herbs
  • Carrot salad with sultanas and almond slivers
  • Chicory and orange salad
  • Mixed leaf salad
  • Cucumber salad with dill
  • Coleslaw salad
  • Fennel and apple salad
  • Celery salad
  • Side salad
  • In many youth hostels we offer a rich salad buffet every day.

Winter dishes

  • Crusty Jugi lasagne (vegan)
  • Stuffed butternut squash with apples, fennel and lentils in tomato sauce (vegan)
  • Älplermakkaroni with fried onions and apple sauce, with bacon on request
  • Mild chilli with planted chicken, sweet potatoes and vegetables (vegan)
  • Soya meatballs with gravy, mashed potatoes and carrots
  • Mince with Hörnli pasta, with soya mince or beef with Sbrinz and apple puree on request
  • Planted pulled pork BBQ and cauliflower millet bowl with oven squash and yoghurt sauce (vegan)
  • Spaetzli pan with vegetables and fried onions (vegan)
  • Pork ribs with boiled potatoes and sauerkraut, with horseradish sauce on request
  • Planted chicken with creamy polenta and vegetable stroganoff (vegan)
  • Chilli sin carne with rice, broccoli and tortilla chips (vegan)
  • Stuffed sweet potato with pulled pork, hummus and red cabbage


  • Crème caramel
  • Tiramisu mousse
  • Ovaltine mousse
  • Chestnut puree with cherries
  • Lemon cake
  • Pear compote with cinnamon cream
  • Baked crème
  • Rice pudding with fruit decoration
  • Mini apple strudel with vanilla sauce
  • Tartelette with Bavarian cream
  • Vanilla cream with mandarins
  • Meringues with fruit
  • "Caotina" chocolate mousse