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Immerse yourself in a dreamy winter world

Snowshoe tours, winter hikes away from civilisation. Discover the magic of snow-covered forests and hills with these recommendations from Switzerland Tourism.


    • Jungfrau

      Wetterhorn Trail
      Grindelwald, Hotel Wetterhorn–Grindelwald, Hotel Wetterhorn

      It doesn’t always have to be about the Eiger mountain; at the foot of Wetterhorn, this trail winds through snowy meadows and forests towards Grosse Scheidegg.

      Length 4 km | 1 route
      Ascent 240 m | Descent 240 m
      Walking time 1:55
      Fitness level medium

    • Crans-Montana

      Parcours de Plans-Mayens

      This loop takes you through the forest above Crans, where you will find nature and tranquillity. This is a very easy route.

      Length 3 km | 1 route
      Ascent 80 m | Descent 100 m
      Walking time 1:05
      Fitness level easy

      Parcours Aprili-Aminona
      Crans-Montana, Aminona-Crans-Montana, Aminona

      This snowshoe route is ideal for those in search of untouched nature, tranquillity and rejuvenation. The route gives panoramic views of the Rhône Valley and the chain of 4,000 m-plus mountains.

      Length 8 km | 1 route
      Ascent 440 m | Descent 440 m
      Walking time 3:50
      Fitness level difficult

    • Zermatt

      Forest Trail
      Zermatt, Riffelalp–Zermatt, Findeln

      An idyllic hike through a beautiful forest of arolla pines and larches. The walk takes you to Findeln, where there are breathtaking views of the Matterhorn.

      Length 3 km | 1 route
      Ascent 150 m | Descent 300 m
      Walking time 1:50
      Fitness level easy

      Nordwand Trail
      Zermatt, Schwarzsee – Zermatt, Furi

      A breathtaking experience! The path leads from Schwarzsee through the beautiful village of Stafelalp and finishes below the rugged north face of the Matterhorn.

      Length 8 km | 1 route
      Ascent 70 m | Descent 800 m
      Walking time 4:25
      Fitness level medium

      Panorama Trail
      Zermatt, Rotenboden–Zermatt, Riffelberg

      This snowshoe trail leads to some magically beautiful spots between Rotenboden and Riffelberg. Along the way, it passes the Riffelsee, its smooth surface a unique sight even in the frozen depths of winter.

      Length 3 km | 1 route
      Ascent 30 m | Descent 260 m
      Walking time 1:30
      Fitness level easy

    • Flims Laax Falera

      Falera-Curnius Snowshoe Trail
      Falera, valley station chairlift – Falera, Curnius

      A sunny trail above the former sun worship site of Falera. The route runs through forests and over alpine pastures to the Curnius mountain station, offering a panoramic view across the Rhine Valley and the Val Lumnezia.

      Length 4 km | 1 route
      Ascent 420 m | Descent 20 m
      Walking time 1:35
      Fitness level difficult

      Unesco Tour
      Flims, Nagens – Flims, Nagens

      This is a snowshoe trail that turns the mountains upside down. The UNESCO tour clearly shows how older rock strata pushed over younger rock during the formation of the Alps. Another feature of the Sardona tectonic arena is the equally impressive Martinsloch.

      Length 5 km | 1 route
      Ascent 320 m | Descent 320 m
      Walking time 2:45
      Fitness level medium

    • Arosa Lenzerheide

      Val Sporz Snowshoe Trail
      Lenzerheide, Val Sporz–Lenzerheide, Val Sporz

      This easy round trip toward the village of Sporz is suitable for snowshoe trekkers who have already gained some experience on similar terrain.

      Length 5 km | 1 route
      Ascent 280 m | Descent 280 m
      Walking time 2:30
      Fitness level medium

      Brambrüesch–Pradaschier Trail
      Chur, Brambrüesch–Churwalden, Pradaschier

      This snowshoe trail over the Dreibündenstein connects the regions of Chur and Lenzerheide. Great vistas and an optional downhill run make it a real insider tip.

      Length 8 km | 1 route
      Ascent 560 m | Descent 420 m
      Walking time 4:00
      Fitness level difficult

    • St. Moritz

      Celerina-Pontresina Snowshoe Trail
      Celerina, S. Gian – Pontresina, Langlaufzentrum

      Between Pontresina and Celerina, this signposted snowshoe trail takes you through the enchanting, snowy Staz forest and across clearings covered in deep snow.

      Length 4 km | 1 route
      Ascent 130 m | Descent 80 m
      Walking time 1:25
      Fitness level easy

  • Engelberg

    Obertrübsee Snowshoe Trail
    Engelberg, Trübsee station – Engelberg, Trübsee station

    High above Engelberg, the Obertrübsee snowshoe trail awaits nature-loving ramblers and ambitious athletes alike. Wandering through forests and over hills, tramping along the Trübsee and leaving your tracks in the powdery snow – the ultimate snowshoe trail experience!

    Length 5 km | 1 route
    Ascent 260 m | Descent 260 m
    Walking time 2:40
    Fitness level medium

    Grotzli Trail
    Engelberg, Fürenalp mountain station – Engelberg, Fürenalp mountain station

    The Grotzli Trail on the Fürenalp takes you back in time, to a place of tranquillity where you can forget the hustle and bustle and simply enjoy the Spannörter and the Titlis.

    Length 3 km | 1 route
    Ascent 200 m | Descent 200 m
    Walking time 1:35
    Fitness level easy

    Gerschnialp Snowshoe Trail
    Engelberg, Gerschni station – Engelberg, Gerschni station

    The Gerschnialp snowshoe trail is a wonderful way to explore nature as you wander through the Gerschniwald forest at the foot of the Titlis, leaving your tracks in the fresh powder snow.

    Length 4 km | 1 route
    Ascent 150 m | Descent 150 m
    Walking time 1:40
    Fitness level easy

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