Don't let yourself be hindered

More than just a phrase

Freedom from obstacles is not just an empty phrase for us! Each and every one of us has a passion for travel and we are actively committed to ensuring that everyone who travels to Switzerland can have a holiday-worthy experience. Existing buildings have been converted and furnished to be obstacle-free wherever feasible. For new youth hostels, we plan for accessibility from the outset. Not because we have to, but because we want to!

Barrier-free youth hostels

25 youth hostels can be described as barrier-free without hesitation. With a standard wheelchair, you have barrier-free access in all areas - from arrival to access to the bathrooms.

Hostels with limited accessibility

Honesty is one of our values. That's why we honestly admit that 7 youth hostels are only partially barrier-free. Individual obstacles, such as small thresholds that are difficult for many wheelchair users to negotiate, could not be removed. Some important public spaces are not accessible for wheelchair users and we cannot guarantee comfort dimensions in the rooms. There is at least one bathroom (shower and toilet) in these houses that has been specially adapted for people with mobility impairments.


Barrier-free - making vacations accessible for everyone

It is important to us that all guests feel at home with us. In the following interview, Kurt Schempp (responsible for accessibility at the youth hostels) talks about how the SJH promotes inclusion and the benefits of the ginto app.


More information on accessibility thanks to the OK:GO initiative

OK:GO promotes the availability of information on the accessibility of tourism offers in Switzerland. Project manager Julia has chosen the newly renovated Rapperswil-Jona Youth Hostel for a photo shoot for the initiative. But the spotlight is on Sara and her twins.