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Family-friendly hikes

Family hikes are exciting! Hiking with children is fun for everyone, because there are fire pits for barbecuing, bathing lakes in summer for swimming, small climbing tours or themed trails with lots of interesting information. Many observations and experiences in nature are waiting to be discovered when hiking with children.

Family hikes & walks

Tip 1: The hiking hit in the Jungfrau region is the attractive Apple Fritter Trail

You will be accompanied on this educational trail by Barry and Hans, the two main characters from the advertisements for Swiss fruit. The children will learn everything there is to know about apples, and listening games, a competition and beautiful picnic areas are just as much a part of this eventful day as the imposing view of the Eiger, Schreckhorn and Wetterhorn.

Tip 2: Ibex promenade

On a promenade in the valley and a gallery on the mountain, ibex enthusiasts can learn a lot of interesting facts about the Graubünden heraldic animal. Children can let off steam at the playground on Alp Languard, and with the Ibex Pass the whole family can hike the Ibex Paradise.

Tip 3: Experience PREVIEW Muggestutz dwarf trail

Hasli dwarves have a long tradition in the Haslital and Muggestutz is the oldest Hasli dwarf. On the Mägisalp-Bidmi dwarf trail he experiences countless adventures, which the children can learn about in a playful way at the adventure posts such as Tannzapfentröchni, the eagle swing and the cave.

Tip 4: Champlönch children’s trail

The bear experience trail Senda da l’uors was created in 2010 in collaboration with the WWF, Scuol Tourism and the Swiss National Park. Guests of all ages can learn more about the brown bear at nine interactive stations. This experience is designed to promote knowledge and enthusiasm about the amazing skills of the bear.

7 outdoor experiences for families

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