Celebrate the festivals as they fall! But sometimes you don't want to leave everything to chance. You bring your friends, family or team - we have the location. 

Exclusive rent

Don't want to share? Rent exclusively!

Share the luck but not the location? No problem. Some youth hostels can be rented exclusively. So you can celebrate or meet with your entourage undisturbed in a private setting. Inexpensive, uncomplicated and informal.  


Cheers to the small bites of life

Toasting a new chapter in life with friends, celebrating a milestone with the team or raising a glass to Grandma's birthday: There are a thousand reasons to toast and indulge in small bites en masse. What is yours?

Our hostel managers have excellent contacts with local producers and will put together a customized aperitif for you at the youth hostel. From antipasti to Z, we serve you everything to suit your palate and your wallet. With or without overnight stay.