Questions and answers

Planning a party raises many questions and there’s a lot you mustn’t forget. We have assembled the most frequently asked questions for you - along with their answers. If you have any further questions, please contact the youth hostel directly.

  • What time do quiet hours go into effect/until when is music allowed?

    Some buildings are secluded and if you rent exclusively, you can keep your party going late into the night. Others are in residential neighbourhoods. Here, it is important to discuss with the team what’s possible and what isn’t.

  • Does the youth hostel have a stereo system and/or a projector?

    Those youth hostels that regularly hold larger parties and weddings have the most important equipment and if something is missing, it can be rented from an external provider for the party. The youth hostel will be happy to give you the contact details of the local provider.

  • What about good and bad weather alternatives?

    The best locations have a garden or terrace to hold the aperitif or the entire celebration outside. In case of bad weather, it is always possible to switch to the dining room, as long as the number of people for outside and inside matches the number of seats in the dining room. 

  • Are tablecloths and glasses/dishes available?

    All youth hostels are equipped for standard catering. If you have any special requirements for table decorations (e.g. white cloth napkins, flower decorations etc.), this must be organised with an external provider in consultation with the facility.

  • Are there options for accompanying programmes and children’s entertainment?

    The youth hostels are familiar with their regions and know what else you can do besides the celebration. In many places, there are also local partnerships with attractive offers for guests of the youth hostel. For the younger guests, there is a play area with toys on site.

  • What is possible in terms of the menu and is it possible to bring in an external caterer?

    As a rule, the teams at the youth hostel prepare the food and are flexible in putting together the menu. If there are special requests, external catering can also be used, but additional costs still apply (for example corkage fees). Generally, the kitchens cannot be used by external parties, so the catering must be delivered already fully prepared.

  • Is there internet to allow guests to join in via Skype?

    There is always internet in the public rooms. However, if the celebration is scheduled to take place outdoors, the connection cannot be guaranteed. The team will be happy to give you more information about how far the WiFi reaches.

  • What about additional services such as flowers or multi-tiered cakes?

    We know a range of service partners in each of our regions. If you would like a recommendation, we will be happy to provide you with contact details for our partners.