Swiss Youth Hostels launch anniversary lucky dip offer for adventurous travellers

14. APR. 2023

As part of its 100th anniversary, the non-profit organisation Swiss Youth Hostels is launching a new and exciting offer: Enjoy bargains, surprises and discover new places all at the same time.

This new Swiss Youth Hostels offer can be booked right now online. Simply state your preferred date and time and whether you would like to stay in a double or multi-bed room. You can also choose between city and mountain destinations. And to make the experience really exciting, you will only find out where you are going three days before departure! You can also exclude a particular hostel that you don't want to visit during the booking process – the rest is decided by chance.

The price of this offer is unbeatable: two nights in a double room including breakfast buffet starts at just CHF 96, including an extensive breakfast buffet. Two nights in a multi-bed room costs from CHF 82, incl. breakfast buffet per person.