Special sustainability award for Swiss Youth Hostels

16. NOV. 2022

As part of the Niesen Summit, the "Sustainability Strategy 2007" will be honoured by the former Milestone Jury.

At the Niesen Summit on 15 November 2022, Swiss Youth Hostels and the Swiss Foundation for Social Tourism will receive special recognition for their 2007 sustainability strategy with the Special Award for Sustainability. "We are proud to once again receive an award for our efforts in sustainable tourism. This strengthens our conviction that we are on the right track," said René Dobler, CEO of the Swiss Foundation for Social Tourism. 

Swiss Youth Hostels' holistic sustainability strategy dates back to the 1990s. Efforts made over many years to achieve ecological management have condensed into a sustainability strategy that encompasses all areas of the company, which was unique and novel in 2007. Youth hostels are not only successful, but also stand out in the implementation of a concept of quality-conscious, socially responsible and environmentally compatible tourism. The initiative of Swiss Youth Hostels as operator and the Swiss Foundation for Social Tourism as builder is not limited in time, but is constantly evolving. 

In 2007, Swiss Youth Hostels received the tourism prize for its sustainability strategy and in 2014 an award in the category "Outstanding Projects" for the WellnessHostel4000 in Saas-Fee. The Milestone, which was awarded for the first time in 2000, will not be continued. After 22 years of successful implementation, the sponsors feel that the time has come to give new impetus to the promotion of innovation in tourism. The Milestone Jury extended an invitation to the Niesen Summit – Innovation and Tourism in 2022. At the MILESTONE winners' event, the best of the last 22 years were crowned. According to the Niesen Summit organisers, 77 of the 128 projects and personalities who have ever received the Milestone Award were still active and eligible for voting – including Swiss Youth Hostels with their sustainability strategy.

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