Cycling trip to Schaffhausen

Two to three days round trip from Zurich to Stein am Rhein

Starting from Zurich or Winterthur, ride past several well-known tourist attractions and breathe in the fresh Swiss air. Time to get back in the saddle!

  • 1. Start in Zurich or Winterthur on the Wyland–Downtown route

  • 2. Over the Thur river, past rapeseed fields

  • the charming little town of Stein am Rhein

  • 4. You have reached your destination: enjoy a refreshing drink on the terrace at the Stein am Rhein youth hostel

  • 5. Get a well-deserved night’s rest in the Stein am Rhein youth hostel

Day 1: From Zurich to Stein am Rhein

Starting from Zurich or Winterthur, take the number 45 cycling route across rapeseed fields, lush forests and farms, and over the Thur river to charming Stein am Rhein.
Distance: 30–59 km
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P.S. Dachsen Youth Hostel at the Rhine Falls is opening for its last season. It will unfortunately close at the end of the season in October 2019, which means that this spring is a great chance to spend one last night in the old castle walls and fall asleep to the sound of the Rhine Falls! Alternatively, you can stay at Schaffhausen Youth Hostel, where an elegant mansion with a huge garden awaits.

  • 1. On the second day, enjoy a relaxing morning on the Untersee (five minutes by bike from Stein am Rhein)

  • 2. Follow the Rhine Route, crossing into Germany in places (photo of the village of Diessenhofen on the Rhine)

  • 3. After Schaffhausen, continue along the Rhine to Europe’s largest waterfall.

  • 4. If you’d like to stay longer at the Rhine Falls, you can spend the night at the Dachsen youth hostel and marvel at the majestic waterfall through into the evening.

  • 5. Through the wine region, along fields of asparagus on the Glatt Route towards Zurich.

Day 2/3: Untersee, Schaffhausen & the wine region

On the second day, enjoy a traditional breakfast in the youth hostel before making the most of the waterfront location with a dip in the Untersee. Then head via Schaffhausen to the Rhine Falls – if you're exhausted, you can take a break at the Dachsen hostel. Then it's off again, through the beautiful wine region and back towards Zurich.
Route suggestion: from Stein am Rhein, follow the number 2 Rhine Route via the Rhine Falls to Glattfelden. From Glattfelden, continue on the number 29 Glatt Route towards Zurich.
Distance: 60–80 km

Attractions along the bike route

  • Neuhausen am Rheinfall

    The Rhine Falls are always a sight to behold: from the platform, on a boat, or right in the thick of it on the Rhine Falls rock!

  • Laufen Castle

    The youth hostel is located in Laufen Castle. Visit the Historama and take a trip back through time.

  • Stein am Rhein

    Castle in the sky: a charming stroll to Hohenklingen Castle rewards you with an even more beautiful view of Stein am Rhein.

  • Dachsen am Rheinfall

    A high-wire adventure park with amazing vistas: climb up and dart through the branches. Includes a children’s course and views of the Rhine Falls.

Wild garlic & asparagus from the wine region

Fresh asparagus is sold at many farms on the way back to Zurich – it’s perfect for a tasty evening meal after a day of cycling. There’s also plenty of wild garlic along the cycle path, which is just what you need for a seasonal garlic Hollandaise sauce.