Loyalty bonus programme

Everything about the Swiss Youth Hostels loyalty programme

We reward your loyalty! As a Junior, Adult, Senior or Family member of Swiss Youth Hostels, you benefit from our special loyalty bonus programme. Collect one loyalty bonus point for every overnight stay, and receive a discount of 50% on the 10th overnight stay. Take part and reap the rewards!

How it works:

  1. Your Hostel Card Premium has a points card on the back. Collect your loyalty bonus points in the boxes.
  2. Book your accommodation (in the usual way) in a Swiss youth hostel participating in the loyalty bonus programme, online at youthhostel.ch, by e-mail or by phone.
  3. Present your Hostel Card Premium at the youth hostel reception when you check in. One loyalty bonus point will be awarded for each overnight stay on your personal Hostel Card Premium. Points cannot be transferred to other cards.
  4. Stick the loyalty bonus points in the boxes shown on the back of your Hostel Card Premium.
  5. Have you already collected 9 loyalty bonus points? Congratulations! When booking your accommodation for the 10th overnight stay, you will receive a 50% discount (for one person, discount on the room or bed price, breakfast buffet included) in one of our Swiss youth hostels participating in the loyalty bonus programme.
  6. The 50% discount on the 10th overnight stay will only be granted after the presentation of your valid Hostel Card Premium containing 9 loyalty bonus points collected within the current membership year. The Hostel Card Premium is to be presented at the youth hostel in which you intend to claim the discount for the 10th overnight stay. To do so, show the full collector’s card when checking in. You will receive your discount on the spot.
  7. When you claim the discount for the 10th overnight stay, your Hostel Card Premium will be marked with a cancellation stamp at check-in.
  8. The Hostel Card Premium continues to serve as a membership document for further stays in Swiss Youth Hostels or youth hostels belonging to the international association.

Terms & Conditions for our loyalty bonus programme

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