On your bike!

Cycle around our over 50 hostels in Switzerland

Cycling enthusiasts and mountain bikers will feel at home with us. And don’t worry if you don’t have your own bike: with Rent a Bike and our parking racks, we’ve got plenty of room for every bike. Get back in the saddle and discover our bike trails and excursion ideas:

Our biking selection

Dead-end route: Männlichen

A spectacular and challenging route on asphalt but with no access for motorised vehicles. Start: Grindelwald / Finish: Männlichen at 2,229 above sea level / Highlight: Breathtaking view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains / Distance: 13 km

Around Lake Constance and the Rhine

The Rhine Route follows the Alpine river from mountain source to the large Rhine port at Basel. A vastly varied trip through diverse landscapes hewn by the mighty river over the ages.

A partnership for explorers: SwitzerlandMobility and Swiss Youth Hostels

Cycling and hiking – two of Switzerland’s favourite pastimes! Around 40% of the population regularly go for a cycle or hike in the great outdoors. The most important thing before every tour is careful preparation, whether it’s checking the air pressure in your tyres, breaking in your hiking boots or carefully planning your route. As the national network for cycling and walking, SwitzerlandMobility has compiled all the information you need. Benefit from the best hand-picked routes that are all clearly signposted and well-connected to public transport. Furthermore, SwitzerlandMobility also lists services such as accommodation options, car rental and luggage transport around the routes.

A playground with no limits

Crans-Montana isn’t just the perfect destination for pro snowboarders, it’s also great for bikers too! With countless trails – both on and next to the pistes – pro snowboarders, skiers and bikers alike can enjoy the adrenaline rush these slopes have to offer.

And of course, we have a youth hostel in this sporting paradise that offers everything a biker could possibly need. And you can find out the condition of the slopes right at the destination itself.

Hostel Pass

Discover Switzerland and our hostels with the Hostel Pass.

Pump track: the rolling route for the whole family

They’re sprouting up like mushrooms these days: everyone is talking about pump tracks. While they were originally used just by BMX riders and mountain bikers, these days they’re suited to the whole family. Our partner CSS Insurance has created an overview on their blog that reveals everything you need to know about these rolling circuits.

Prefer to hike?

Here you’ll find hiking routes to suit every taste.