Lausanne Jeunotel Youth Hostel

Ch. du Bois-de-Vaux 36, 1007 Lausanne-Vidy
  • Close to the lakeshore
  • Two terraces
  • Three inner courtyards
  • Within walking distance of EPFL and UNIL
  • 24 hour reception

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Spend the night in the Olympus of hostels

When you visit the Jeunôtel Lausanne, you are entering the Olympus of hostels! This is because Lausanne in the western French-speaking part of Switzerland is considered the capital of the Olympic movement. Here, right on the shores of the lake, you will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy sport, culture and pure relaxation.

Nestled amidst the vineyards of Lavaux, the vibrant city of Lausanne commands a majestic view over the glistening waters of Lake Geneva. Its medieval town centre with its narrow streets is just as impressive as the waterfront promenade and the parks in the trendy Ouchy harbour district. The spirit of the Olympics is more than palpable in the Olympic Museum and throughout the entire city. Let the games begin! And the holidays too, of course!

Offers and activities


Pilgrimage in Vaud

The Lausanne and Montreux Youth Hostels are on the route of two pilgrimage paths: on the Via Ligeria and the Via Francigena. The hostels are perfect for a stopover with an overnight stay. A breakfast that will recharge you for the rest of your journey is included.


Lausanne Special

This August and September, you can benefit from discounted accommodation at Lausanne Youth Hostel. Get a 20% discount on Sunday nightsand even 25% at the weekend. Travel to Lausanne now and discover the Olympic Capital.


Grand Table Football Tournament 2024

Singles and doubles teams compete in Lausanne and Zurich under the rallying cry “Fun is always the winner”. The first five winning pairs will then face each other in the grand final in Bern to compete for a Swiss Youth Hostels travel voucher worth CHF 1,000 and an annual delivery of Rivella soft drinks.

We are here for you!

Philippe Bouffey & Team