Handling of COVID-19

COVID-19 certificate obligation and cancellation conditions of the Swiss Youth Hostels

The health of our guests, employees and fellow human beings is of utmost importance to us. We, therefore, provide regularly updated information about the measures taken in connection with Corona.

Covid-19 certificate obligation

According to the requirements of the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), from December 20, 2021, access to parts of the offer in youth hostels will be subject to a Covid certificate requirement for people aged 16 and over.

In general

  • Youth hostels will remain open and accessible to all guests for overnight stays.
  • Extensive restrictions apply to guests without a vaccination or recovery certificate (2G) in the interior rooms of Swiss Youth Hostels.
  • Guests without a vaccination or recovery certificate (2G) will not be allowed to consume food or drinks indoors. Take-away for consumption in the outdoor area and outside the youth hostel will remain possible.
  • In the general public areas (e.g. lobby, lounges, corridors) of the youth hostels, all guests are required to wear masks and are prohibited from consuming any food or beverages.
  • Guests with a valid vaccination or recovery certificate (2G) have full and unrestricted access to the meals/ food & beverages offered. Masks are only required for publicly accessible areas (e.g. lobby, certain lounges, corridors).

Independent individual travelers

  • Individual travelers without Covid certificates may overnight in private rooms at the published rates.
  • For independent single travelers (16 years and older), a vaccination, recovery or test certificate (3G) requirement applies for overnight stays in shared rooms.


  • Youth Hostels do not impose any restrictions on overnight stays by self-contained groups in private or shared rooms. Any restrictions are based on the specifications of the group's management.
  • Restrictions on access to the interior of the Youth Hostel are governed by the general measures. In particular, the ban on indoor consumption for guests without a vaccination or recovery certificate 2G (from 16 years of age) must be observed.


  • The corresponding protection concepts of school administrations apply for overnight stays of schools.
  • The camp organizers are required to contact the management of the selected youth hostel for details.

Access to the wellness facilities in Laax and Saas-Fee

  • Access to the indoor pools and wellness facilities is reserved exclusively for vaccinated and recovered guests with a Covid certificate not older than 120 days or additionally with a current Corona test (2G+ / from 16 years of age). In the fitness area, the 2G rule applies with mandatory masks, also when using the fitness equipment (the hostels can also introduce a 2G+ rule depending on the need and situation).

Access to the museum at Burgdorf Castle)

  • Access to the Burgdorf Castle Museum is reserved exclusively for guests (aged 16 and over) holding a vaccination or recovery certificate (2G).


COVID-19 Protection concept and cancellation conditions of the Swiss Youth Hostels

Swiss Youth Hostels have drawn up a national protection concept (in conformity with the Swiss Hotel Association) for all youth hostels, which is continuously adapted to the cantonal regulations. All staff members are trained accordingly. The protection concept in brief:

  • We adhere strictly to the rules of the BAG (Federal Health Office).
  • For all guests over 12 years of age, the wearing of a mask is mandatory in public rooms.
  • Dispensers with disinfectant for the hands are placed in all public rooms.
  • Common touch points are cleaned and disinfected several times a day.
  • Employees are trained in protective behavior, in the use of protective material and in proper cleaning.
  • Cash payment should be avoided, whenever possible.
  • You can find all other information in the key questions.

You can find detailed information in our protection concepts

  • Protection measurements

    More information about our protection measurements

  • Protection Concept for Sport-, Wellness- and Fitness Facilities

    More information about our protection measurements

  • COVID-19 certificates for guests from third countries

    Conversion of foreign COVID-19 certificates

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Entering Switzerland

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic there are special rules for people entering Switzerland. Everyone entering Switzerland must present a completed entry form. This applies regardless of your vaccination status, the country you are travelling from and the form of transport. You’ll find the entry form at swissplf.admin.ch.
If you are not vaccinated or recovered, you must also show proof of a negative test. Read more and Travelcheck!

The most important questions

    • Upon presentation of a written confirmation or a doctor’s medical certificate, you will receive a voucher for the remaining days of your stay (voucher valid until the end of the current year).
    • A perspex screen is used at reception. Employees comply with the requirement to wear a certified face mask.
    • We offer a web check-in service which reduces the on-site registration procedure to an absolute minimum while also reducing contact with our reception staff. Contactless payment is preferred.
    • We adhere to the guidelines of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and recommendations of GastroSuisse.
    • Guests with a valid vaccination or recovery certificate (2G) have full and unrestricted access to the meals/ food & beverages offered. 
    • Guests without a vaccination or recovery certificate (2G) will not be allowed to consume food or drinks indoors. Take-away for consumption in the outdoor area and outside the youth hostel will remain possible.
    • We continue to offer a breakfast buffet in accordance with the protection concept.
    • Lunch or packed lunches are available on request at some locations.
    • Everyone has a personal responsibility to follow the FOPH guidelines. Face coverings must be worn in all public spaces.
    • Please keep your distance from other guests and respect the defined maximum number of people allowed per establishment.
    • Should illness symptoms arise, please immediately refrain from travelling.
    • General cancellation regulations apply.
    • Should entry not be possible due to official Swiss regulations or regulations issued by the country of origin, the stay may be postponed to another date, free of charge. In exceptional cases, a voucher may be issued.
    • The standard cancellation policy applies, unless the mandatory quarantine requirement in your home country was introduced after you made your booking. In that case, your stay can be postponed to a later date or cancelled free of charge.
    • If the mandatory quarantine requirement is introduced during your stay, you may cancel the remaining nights after your departure free of charge.
    • Please find all information for schools here.
    • If one person has tested positive for coronavirus, then that one person’s stay will be cancelled free of charge upon submission of a medical certificate.
    • If the entire group has been in contact with the person who has tested positive, then the whole stay can be postponed once proof is provided.

Clean & Safe

The Swiss Youth Hostels take special measures to protect our guests and ensure that they have a pleasant stay in Switzerland. The «Clean & Safe» campaign is supported by Switzerland Tourism.

  • Protection during the stay in all service areas.
  • Security in all catering areas.
  • Security around seminars.
  • Protection in the wellness and spa area, to allow guests to use the swimming pools, saunas or steam baths.

WYSE COVID-19 Safe Accommodation Declaration

The Swiss Youth Hostels are proud to adhere to the WYSE Travel Confederation COVID-19 safety standards. The WYSE (World Youth Student and Educational) Travel Confederation is a global network for providers of international youth travel with over 600 members from 70 countries.

Corona solidarity campaign

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, tourism is among the hardest hit industries. Swiss Youth Hostels are also suffering from huge losses of revenue. We count on the solidarity of all our members and guests to ensure that we can continue to offer around 50 environmentally friendly and social youth hostels throughout Switzerland at affordable prices and to keep around 500 staff members employed. We use your contribution exclusively to cover losses. Many thanks!