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Black Friday is now a household word: Price wars, compulsive consumption and long queues in front of the shops. But what if we could do something good on this day? Not just buy something to have bought something.

This is where Green Friday comes in – the counter-trend that is all about sustainability – and we’re joining in!

For 13 years now, our guests have had the opportunity to make a voluntary carbon offset contribution of CHF 0.30 per night/person when booking. On 364 days a year, we double this amount, and so a total of CHF 0.60 goes into a fund for our cooperation with the initiative «Cause We Care» for local and global climate protection.

You can find out more about our sustainability here.


How do I participate in Green Friday?

It’s quite simple: For every person who books their next stay with us on 26 November 2021 and makes a carbon offset contribution of CHF 0.30 per night/person, we will quadruple the offset amount! This way, a minimum amount of CHF 1.20 is collected for each booking.

You can book in the App, directly via the Youth Hostel  or via our booking centre at 044 360 14 14

But how exactly does offsetting work?

Your carbon offsetting contribution, which is optional with every booking, flows into a fund that is now being activated as part of the «Cause We Care» initiative. Both globally and locally:

Globally: Half of the guest contributions will flow into the climate offset project “Cookers in Peru” until the end of 2021 and into the climate offset project “Reforestation in Tanzania” from 1 January 2022.

Locally: By using the doubled contribution, or the contribution quadrupled on 26 November, for climate protection and sustainability measures directly in our youth hostels, for example for wood pellet heating systems or photovoltaic systems.

More information about the two projects we support can be found below.

myclimate Cause We Care - how the carbon offset mechanism works

As a non-profit organisation, we are committed to sustainability. We are constantly reducing our ecological footprint in all areas while still ensuring impeccable service for our guests.

Climate offset project “Cookers in Peru” – a thank-you from us – and Peru, too!

Until 31 December 2021, you can support the current project in Peru by making a voluntary carbon offset contribution. The traditional local cookers don’t have an exhaust system. As a result, dense smoke accumulates in the buildings, causing health problems for the population. Carbon offset contributions from myclimate helped finance new stoves with chimneys.

Thanks to the improved infrastructure, 75,526 tonnes of carbon can be saved annually and the quality of life of the population in the project region in Cusco can be increased significantly.


Our climate offset project from January 2022

More about the project

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