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School camps and Corona?

The sudden Corona crisis surprised all of us and has thrown our regular habits completely overboard. While homeschooling was implemented, all school camps were cancelled even though they are such an important part of education and a highlight for every child. 

What remains is a lot of uncertainty. Is it still possible to travel? Where and how can you organize a trip and should you go anywhere at all? We strongly encourage this because we feel that school camps, class cohesion and approach to nature and culture are more important than ever during these unusual times.

Here is our little guide regarding school camps, to help teachers* with your worries and to assist you in planning your trip:

  • Thanks to many Swiss citizens remaining in Switzerland for their vacations, many tourist hotspots are popular and overcrowded. In the cities, however, the situation is completely different. Never before have Zurich, Lucerne, St. Gallen or Basel been as quiet as they are now. Enjoy this wonderful opportunity to enjoy culture and museums undisturbed, even as a group.
  • It doesn't always have to be the most well-known places for an excursion: especially now, it is worthwhile to visit lesser famous destinations such as Sion or Rapperswil-Jona. There, too, you will find plenty of student* activities. 

  • Most Swiss Youth Hostels no longer offer the traditional shared, multi-bedded rooms but comfortable 4 to 6-bedded rooms where students are not too close together.  
  • In many places, classes can have their own guest floor, dining room or lounge. The entire youth hostel can also be rented exclusively. This avoids mixing with other guests.

  • How about outdoor dining? Whether it's a barbecue or a picnic, we also offer catering options outside of inside spaces.

  • Swiss Youth Hostels have their own protection concept, in which hygiene is very heavily accentuated. All detailed information is easily accessible online.

Still not sure whether the hostel and the location are suitable? No problem, teachers* are welcome to take a tour before planning. If we have availability, we will gladly offer you a free overnight stay! Contact the hostel directly to find out more.

Flexible cancellation policy until the end of 2022

Should a school camp have to cancel due to official measures or rules regarding COVID-19, (implemented by either the school or host site), a cancellation is possible free of charge until 4 weeks prior to the arrival date. In addition, school camps may be rescheduled for a new date free of charge until 14 days prior to arrival (also with a new class or with another teacher from the same school). The organization of your school camp could not be easier!

How we’re dealing with the coronavirus

Find all answers to questions about the Corona virus and the protection of our guests and employees here.