Q&A about the membership

What advantages and benefits do I gain with a membership?
Do I have to be a member to be able to stay in a Youth Hostel?
Is the membership valid internationally?
How long is my membership valid?
Will the membership be renewed automatically?

Q&A on accommodation and meals

Do I have to bring my own bath towel?
Are there any self-catering kitchens in the youth hostels?
Do I have to bring a sleeping bag?
Does each room have its own bathroom?
Is breakfast included?
How much is an evening meal?
Is early arrival possible?
Are there parking spaces, and are they free of charge?
Can a family also stay overnight in a multibed room?
Is it possible to wash clothes in the hostels?
What does «Nordic sleeping» mean?
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This and that

Are there any age limits for youth hostel guests?
Are pets allowed in youth hostels?
Does Swiss Youth Hostels offer cancellation insurance?
Do Swiss Youth Hostels offer children’s prices?