Illuminate creativity in our well-lit seminar rooms

Are you looking for the perfect location for your next team or company event, a seminar or a productive meeting before work? Congratulations, you’ve found plenty of great venues to choose from! Many Swiss Youth Hostels offer well-equipped seminar and event facilities for every occasion. 

Bringing work and life into balance

Meeting in a Swiss Youth Hostel makes it easy for you and your team to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It’s an ideal way to remain focused indoors and then gain inspiration from the great outdoors. It’s up to you whether you’re looking for magnificent architecture, unspoilt nature or vibrant city life. 

Boost productivity in an exciting urban location
Seminars that broaden perspectives
Meetings in an exceptional atmosphere

For top secret missions

Is your team developing a teleporter or is it about to launch a calorie-free chocolate praline? Or do you just like to keep among yourselves? If so, we have just the offer for you. Did you know that some of our youth hostels can be hired on an exclusive basis? Even though this information isn’t necessarily classified, it’s still a handy insider tip.  

Clever minds on cold days

Meetings during the day, fondue in the evening and skiing at night – what more could you want?