From barbecuing to bathing, from climbing to getting messy – on walks with children, it’s all about variety and sparking moments of ‘aha’ and ‘ooh’!


Meet the dwarf Muggestutz in the Hasli Valley

The Hasli dwarfs have a long tradition in the Hasli Valley, and Muggestutz is the oldest Hasli dwarf. He has countless adventures along the Mägisalp-Bidmi Dwarf Trail and invites you and your crew into his captivating world. It’s not just kids who love the exciting stories and discovery stations on the dwarf hiking trail, which is around 5 km long. Ready, set, go!


Ibex Promenade at Pontresina

Ibex fans can learn all about Graubünden’s heraldic animal on the Ibex Promenade, a one kilometre-long, pushchair-friendly hiking trail. The fun of learning and exercising continues straight away at the Langguard chairlift mountain station, where you will find an ibex gallery and playground.

Top tip:

Grab an Ibex pass at the tourist information office, hike to the Unterer Schafberg, Chamanna Paradis, Chamanna Segantini and Chamanna Georgy mountain huts, solve the riddles and earn a reward!

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Grindelwald apple pie trail

On this informative themed trail, you and the rest of your crew will be accompanied by Barry and Hans, the two main characters from the Swiss fruit advertising campaign. It’s a great way to learn all about apples. Information panels, audio activities, a competition and beautiful picnic spots are just as much a part of this hike as the unobstructed views of the Eiger, Schreckhorn and Wetterhorn mountains.