Team spirit thrives in our seminar rooms

In the new era of working from home and flexitime, team events are more important than ever. Management conferences, outings for apprentices, management retreats and other types of business event strengthen team spirit and promote a good working atmosphere. And when it comes to ambiance, our rooms feature conditioning and ventilation systems to ensure optimum comfort. 


Tips for your activity programme

Let’s be honest, when it comes to company outings, managers tend to focus on performance matrices, whereas for the other participants fun is one of the most important elements. The key to a successful event is, therefore, the accompanying activity programme – and, of course, the hostel room card giving access to a great night’s sleep. The Swiss Youth Hostels are strategically located to provide plenty of things to experience! 

Check out our inspiring tips or ask for personalised advice. We would be delighted to help. We’re always here when you need us!

The perfect summer seminar

Mountains, lakes, action sports and comfort – unforgettable team events await you.


From croissants and comforting snacks to gourmet cuisine

The way to the heart is through the stomach, especially during the day. High-quality food is very important when it comes to nourishing the brain cells. Brain food is our speciality. But rest assured – it will be nothing like student food. We can also serve food to nourish the soul. Our kitchens only serve fresh, seasonal produce. And if your requirements exceed our capabilities, then we are very happy to partner with local caterers. “En Guete” (bon appétit), as they say in St. Gallen!

Exercise the brain cells even on cold days

Meetings during the day, fondue in the evening and skiing at night – what more could you want? 


On the road with the rookies

Apprentices feel just as much at home in the Swiss Youth Hostels as their mentors. This contributes to a good working atmosphere, which in turn makes the workshop or team outing a success. And, of course, this is all supported by the right facilities to suit your needs. You’ll find just what you need – whether modern and urban or charmingly rustic and off the beaten track. 

For top secret missions

Is your team developing a teleporter or is it about to launch a calorie-free chocolate praline? Or do you just like to keep among yourselves? If so, we have just the offer for you. Did you know that some of our youth hostels can be hired on an exclusive basis? Even though this information isn’t necessarily classified, it’s still a handy insider tip.