Best Price Guarantee

It is worthwhile booking directly!

  • Best price guarantee: We always guarantee you the best price when you book directly*

  • Collect points and save even more with the Loyalty Programme - download now and join in

  • Fixed children's prices and our all-inclusive prices for schools make planning easy

  • Our members benefit from additional discounts on accommodation and activities, including our international hostel network. How do I become a member?

*If you do find a cheaper booking at another online portal, we will transfer the difference back to your account!

To submit your request, please contact us immediately, by email ith the following subject line: "Best Price Guarantee: your booking number".

Your email must contain the following documents:

  • Screenshot of the website as well as link to the cheaper, bookable offer (prices and services must be comprehensible). The proof must contain the last page before the booking is completed (often the data entry page).
  • The screenshot must clearly show the date and time (e.g. by including the task bar in the screenshot).
  • Booking number of your booking.
  • We will check your case as soon as possible and get back to you at the contact address provided. The Best Price Guarantee is valid until 24.00 on the day of your booking. We will transfer the difference to your bank account within 30 days of checking and reporting your booking. 
  • The Best Price Guarantee is only valid for accommodation.