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We’re celebrating two anniversaries

We have reasons to celebrate! In 2023, the Swiss Foundation for Social Tourism (SFST) is turning 50! And just one year later, the Swiss Youth Hostels will turn a whole 100! Celebrate with us and enjoy various events, challenges and many other highlights. Find out what’s in store for you during our special anniversary year here. We’ve some great highlights planned to mark our anniversary. To make sure you don't miss anything, subscribe to our newsletter or visit our anniversary page on a regular basis.

Youth Challenge 2023

Last summer, we sent 4 teams across Switzerland. The journeys were filled with adventures, great moments, and many beautiful memories. You decided which team implemented the trip best. We warmly congratulate the Pastapläuschler!

Anniversary contest

On 28 April 2024 we will be raffling off various prizes among all our newsletter fans. Besides a travel voucher valued at CHF 3,000, you can win tablets, memberships and much more.

Mountain forest projects

Help preserve, maintain and protect the forest and cultural landscape in the alpine regions of Trin and Schaan-Vaduz! Do good and stay free for 1 week!

50 years of the Swiss Foundation for Social Tourism

On 11 May 2023, the Swiss Foundation for Social Tourism is turning 50! Background information, stories and so much more will be coming to this page very soon. The foundation will be celebrating this special milestone with all its key partners at the Fällanden Youth Hostel on the big day.

100 years of the Swiss Youth Hostels

The Swiss Youth Hostels, more precisely the «Genossenschaft für Jugendherbergen Zürich» (Association for Youth Hostels Zurich) were founded almost 100 years ago, on 28 April 1924. You can imagine how many stories have been written during the past century. In Spring 2024, you’ll be able to read all about how the association has evolved over the years right here.

More Highlights!

Celebrations should be celebrated as they fall! We are celebrating more than one year. In our anniversary year we have planned many more highlights for you. The Youth Challenge, our big competition or the anniversary celebration of the SFST in Fällanden are not all. We will celebrate for a long time, because 100 years are something very special.