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Swiss Youth Hostels

Since almost 100 years, we have been the first choice for budget-conscious and environmentally aware travellers. We provide not only lasting holiday and leisure experiences, but also encounter with like-minded people, and are committed to sustainable tourism.

Discover our youth hostels – and the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

Mission statement of the Swiss Youth Hostels


We are convinced that experiencing the world, getting to know people, cultures and nature, and broadening one’s horizons is extremely valuable.

Not everybody has the financial means to do so.

As a professional and modern non-profit organisation, the Swiss Youth Hostels are actively committed to enabling young people, school classes, families and persons with disabilities in particular to experience encounters, activities and more outside their usual environment. We are convinced that this is our contribution towards a society based on solidarity, responsibility and joy of life.

Our primary goal is to maintain budget-friendly services. At the same time, we also aspire to provide high quality.


Our employees are our most important asset. They drive change and get us to where we want to go. We treat them as equals, give them responsibility and focus on fair working conditions, equal opportunities, social security and personal development.


We are mindful of our Earth. This is why we have been committed to environmentally friendly tourism for decades. We build our youth hostels in an environmentally friendly way, promote renewable energies, support environmental protection projects and offer our guests an environmentally friendly dining experience. We leave as few traces as possible in nature.

Partnerships and the public

Thanks to our national and international partnerships, we offer real added value for everyone. We make a difference by developing ideas together and pursuing common goals.

We encourage innovative thinking and action and set a good example.

We value tourism research and see it as an opportunity for our ongoing development. We present our beliefs, goals and results to the public in a transparent and thorough manner.

Commercial viability

We see it as our responsibility to maintain affordable holidays in Switzerland for future generations. As a non-profit organisation, we rely on broad financial support from our members, patrons, partners and the public sector.

Facts & Figures

You can find the Swiss Youth Hostels business report here.

Our sustainability strategy

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