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The management runs the operative business and is responsible for implementing the business aspects. The management is granted all the powers that are not expressly assigned to another body by law, statutes or regulations issued by the Executive Board.

  • Janine Bunte
    since 01.01.2019
  • René Dobler
    since 01.05.1999

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the highest management body and is chosen by the delegates’ assembly for a term of four years. The Board defines the strategic orientation and reviews the operative implementation.

Term of office from 1st of January 2020:

  • Frank Reutlinger
    since 23.11.2018
  • Corinne Denzler
    Vice president
    since 13.03.2015
  • Thomas Abegg
    since 17.04.2010
  • Rahel Bahrampoori
    since 11.06.2016
  • Mathias Gallo
    since 29.11.2019
  • Amaury Jordan
    since 29.01.2003
  • Gian Marco Juon
    since 06.03.2020
  • Thomas Kulcsár
    since 16.06.2018
  • Corinne Michel-Abegg
    since 27.11.2015
  • Christoph Müller
    since 17.06.1995


  • At the national level

    Swiss Youth Hostels is a politically and denominationally neutral non-profit organisation active in all regions of Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

    Swiss Youth Hostels is made up of three independent national partner organisations:

  • Swiss Youth Hostels association

    The Swiss Youth Hostels association is responsible for operating the youth hostels in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

  • Swiss Foundation for Social Tourism

    The Swiss Foundation for Social Tourism is the owner of more than one half of all youth hostels in Switzerland, and is responsible for building and maintaining the youth hostels in Switzerland.

  • Foundation for Youth Hostels in Switzerland

    The Foundation for Youth Hostels in Switzerland provides financial support in the form of long-term loans for land purchases and for building and converting youth hostels.