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Promote youth and family tourism with the Swiss Youth Hostels

For almost a century now, we have been working to create youth and family tourism that is fairer, more environmentally friendly and more socially responsible. Our comprehensive environmental management approach, which considers the ecological impact both during construction and in day-to-day operations, makes an exemplary contribution to sustainable tourism.

We give people with limited means the opportunity to go on holiday with our social tourism and we are committed to promoting barrier-free tourism. We see it as our responsibility to keep affordable holidays in Switzerland available for the next generation to enjoy too, while still using resources responsibly. 

Thanks to Hostelling International, approximately 70,000 members benefit from a worldwide network of hostels in addition to the approximantely 50 unique hostels in Switzerland from a whole network of hostels around the world. International exchange also takes place in Switzerland. We are delighted that Swiss Youth Hostels is a place where cultures meet and that it facilitates new friendships from all over the world. 

As a non-profit organisation, we would like to thank our patrons for giving sustainable and socially-fair tourism a future. Would you also like to support us with a donation? Thank you for your contribution!

Bank: Zürcher Kantonalbank, 8010 Zürich
IBAN: CH24 0070 0111 5000 4804 6
Konto: 80-151-4

In favor of:
Schweizer Jugendherbergen
Schaffhauserstrasse 14
8006 Zürich

Donations to the Swiss Youth Hostels Association can also be deducted from direct federal tax and cantonal and municipal taxes.

If you require any further information, we’ll be happy to help: you can reach us by email at geschaeftsleitung@youthhostel.ch or give us a call on +41 44 360 14 31.