In 1386, the Zofingen town hero Niklaus von Thut is said to have saved the town banner in view of the victorious confederates by swallowing it without further ado. To this day, a sense of history is apparent wherever you go in Zofingen. The spacious, yet still largely intact old town is the venue for attractive markets and diverse cultural events. The outer districts are dominated by beautiful mansions and extensive green spaces. Whether you choose to explore Zofingen on your own or on one of the many attractive guided tours, you’re bound to want to come again.

To this day, Zofingen is the town of heroes large and small. The big heroes appear as finishers in the toughest duathlon in the world, the Powerman, or as a rock star at the giant outdoor festival on the Heitere. The little heroes are the hikers and bikers with a long walk or ride successfully behind them. These heroes all have one thing in common though, they love to stay in Zofingen Youth Hostel!

A hostel with tales to tell

In the centre of a park, surrounded by mature trees from all corners of the world, lies the beautiful youth hostel. The former silk manufacturer’s villa dating from the 1860s has had an eventful history and brings generations together to this day. Before becoming a youth hostel in 1987, the building served as a municipal old people's home.

Today, the youth hostel is a popular stopping-off point for people of all ages from all over the world who appreciate the central location in the heart of Switzerland as a base from which to explore all parts of the country. After interest-packed excursions by train, on foot or by bike, the green retreat surrounding the youth hostel is a wonderful spot to relax in, just a few steps from the beautiful old town. Nowadays, the best tales are recounted beneath the trees in the park.