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Topping-out ceremony for the new Youth Hostel and Raiffeisenbank Jungfrau in Interlaken Aug 25, 2011

On Thursday Raiffeisenbank Jungfrau and Swiss Youth Hostels held a topping out ceremony for their new building in Interlaken. The event at Bahnhof Ost was also attended by the architect as well as the builders. The project remains on schedule; the Youth Hostel is set to open in the spring of 2012, while Raiffeisenbank Jungfrau will open its doors in the summer of 2012.

Following the ground-breaking ceremony in January, which featured the Swiss wrestling star Kilian Wenger, the shell of the building was completed within some six months. This will house Raiffeisenbank Jungfrau and the Interlaken Youth Hostel. Responsibility for construction lies with the architectural firm von allmen architekten AG. To date, work has progressed on schedule. This means the project is set to be completed by the challenging deadline. Clement weather has certainly helped. Furthermore, the construction site with over 40 specialist builders has not suffered any accidents or unforeseen events.

State-of-the-art Youth Hostel with 220 beds

This means a state-of-the-art and spacious Youth Hostel with 220 beds is set to open at a prime location in Interlaken in the spring of 2012. Swiss Youth Hostels are expecting 40,000 overnight stays per annum. In addition, 15 to 18 new jobs are set to be created in Interlaken. The new Interlaken Youth Hostel will replace the previous hostel in Bönigen, which will close on 23 October 2011. Bookings for the new Interlaken Youth Hostel can already be made for the time from June 2012 under

Raiffeisenbank Jungfrau tailored to customer requirements

The part of the building housing Raiffeisenbank Jungfrau comprises various sections. The spacious customer lobby on the ground floor is designed to meet current and future customer requirements. A large training room will be established on the attic floor. The new Raiffeisenbank Jungfrau building will enable around 40 employees to attend to the needs of customers.

Partnership between Raiffeisenbank Jungfrau and Swiss Youth Hostels

What makes the project so special is the collaboration between two very different businesses. Under their collective roof, however, they are looking to underscore their common ground. Raiffeisenbank Jungfrau and Swiss Youth Hostels share similar values. Both enterprises support regionalism, high-quality architecture and strong partnerships. This is demonstrated by the fact that the building is being constructed in accordance with the MINERGIE-P-ECO® standard. Raiffeisenbank Jungfrau and Swiss Youth Hostels are jointly investing CHF 27 million in the project.

Webcam, photos and information about the new building: