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Youth Hostel Lübeck - Germany- Hostelling International

UNESCO World Heritage

Lübeck is one of Germany's most beautiful cities. The old part of town has approximately 1,000 listed buildings. The most famous of them is the Holsten Gate. But the Church of St Mary and the Heilgen-Geist-Hospital (Holy Spirit Hospital) are also really worth seeing. Lübeck is also noted for its trendy bars and a vast array of shopping possibilities. No wonder that the pretty town can boast with two hostels. While modern hostel Lübeck "Vor dem Burgtor" especially suitable for families and groups, thrilled the small hostel Lübeck "Altstadt" city tourists with its unique location in the heart of Lübeck's old town.

Lübeck invites its visitors to stroll leisurely through the narrow streets and admire numerous historic buildings. The pedestrian zone with its many shops is ideal for shopping. If the feet hurt after a long day, a visit to one of the many cafes, bars and restaurants is recommended. Lübeck visitors like to taste the famous marzipan in one of Niederegger cafes or to buy one of the many marzipan figures as a souvenir to take home.

Accommodation in Lübeck

Modern and charming. Youth Hostel Lübeck "Vor dem Burgtor"

The modern hostel Lübeck "Vor dem Burgtor" is 10 minutes away from the historical old part of town. Even the sculpture in front of the building - "Round Table" by artist Tina Schwichtenberg - conveys the spirit of the house: the replicas of traditional pottery from around the world placed in a circle invite dialogue and international encounters.

Certified as a Cultural Hostel, Lübeck "Vor dem Burgtor" Youth Hostel invites guests to discover the cultural highlights of the city. We offer groups and classes a wide range of workshops and excursions relating to the most important people, buildings and venues of Lübeck's history.

The hostel has some parking spaces in front of and behind the building. You can also park your car for free in the street. Car parks: 12

Address: Youth Hostel Lübeck "Vor dem Burgtor", Phone +49 451 33433,

In the city center - Youth Hostel Lübeck "Altstadt"

The youth hostel is in the heart of the old part of Lübeck, the Altstadt. The small hostel is built into a row of houses in the historical town centre. Lübeck "Altstadt" Youth Hostel is right at the heart of Lübeck's city life, ideal for backpackers and guests who want to stay in the middle of the city. All attractions can be quickly reached on foot. And because our guests are mostly tourists, wanting to explore Lübeck all day, we only offer breakfast.

The seven towers and the silhouette of the Holsten Gate are world-famous symbols of Lübeck. With approximately 1,000 listed buildings, the city has the most cultural monuments in Germany and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Museums and churches draw all eyes to them. Lübeck's famous marzipan is the talk of the town. Lübeck is also noted for its trendy bars and a vast array of shops.

There are no parking spaces in Mengstraße. You can park in the car park of the music and congress hall. (5 minutes' walk to the hostel), or in "An der Untertrave", near Mengenstraße. Buses park for free.

Address: Youth Hostel Lübeck "Altstadt", Phone +49 451 33433,

Attractions in Lübeck

  • Downtown: The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 1,000 lovingly restored houses and buildings. The wide pedestrian area is wonderful for shopping.
  • Culture is in: The Holsten Gate is a must on every visit to Lübeck. The most amazing views of the city can be enjoyed from the St. Peter's Church (elevator up to the viewpoint). Sightseeing should visit the museum in the Holy Spirit Hospital, the Buddenbrookhaus (Heinrich and Thomas Mann) and the brand new Hanse Museum.
  • Lübeck from the water: We recommend you the city, canal and harbor cruises on the Wakenitz. From here you can walk around the city quite easily with the seven towers.
  • Lübeck Christmas markets. Especially romantic Lübeck is in winter. Around the City Hall and St. Mary's Church, and in the Holy Spirit Hospital held historic Christmas and craft markets, which each year attract hundreds of visitors to Lubeck.
  • Popular treats from Lübeck. Who does not know - the famous marzipan. As a special souvenir visitors can purchase marzipan in all shapes and variations in Niederegger. How about, for example, with a miniature Holsten to nibble on?
  • Beach adventure: The Baltic Sea Travemünde is a short distance away and easily reached by car or train. The long sandy beach, beach cafes and beach shops line the image.

How to get to Lübeck

By car Lübeck can be reached via the A1 highway. If you take the train, you will get to Lübeck via Hamburg. But Lübeck also has its own small airport. From here you take the bus line 6 (direction Hudekamp) up to downtown. From the bus stop it is just a few meters by foot.

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