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Swiss Youth Hostels

At 52 locations throughout Switzerland we provide inexpensive accommodation and good healthy food to a high standard. Our youth hostels are often situated in prime positions. From castles and villas through to modern urban city youth hostels you will find everything your heart desires.

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Youth hostels of the old school – straightforward, inexpensive, historical, regional, close to nature, uncomplicated and communal. Video

Go to Brienz Youth Hostel


Guests tend to spend much of their time outside the hostel. For example, on the sun terrace with views across the crystal clear lake and private beach, the mountain landscape and the village skyline. More

Go to Brugg Youth Hostel


The Romans and the Habsburgs lodged at "Altenburg Castle". History permeates the location: the Roman legionary camp Vindonissa, Habsburg Castle and the Monastery Church all lie within easy reach. More

Go to Dachsen am Rheinfall Youth Hostel

Dachsen am Rheinfall

The castle has loomed majestically above the Rhine waterfall for over a thousand years. Today it is a picture-book hostel with 92 beds in rustic rooms. More

Go to Fällanden Youth Hostel


The youth hostel stands outside the village of Fällanden on the shore of Lake Greifen, a largely environmentally-protected area. For groups only! More

Go to Le Bémont Youth Hostel

Le Bémont

The Le Bémont Youth Hostel is in the heart of the village of Le Bémont and surrounded by an enormous playing field. The hostel is fantastic for family holidays with little children as well as for schools. More

Go to Youth Hostel Mariastein


A picture-book castle. The atmosphere is authentic: Steps lead up the hill to the castle’s inner courtyard. The rooms lie behind meter-thick walls, a spiral staircase leads to the tower room. More

Go to the Romanshorn Youth Hostel


Embedded between the blue lake and the green forest Romanshorn is the ideal starting-point to discover the biking-holiday-country Thurgau. More

Go to Schaffhausen Youth Hostel


A magnificently decked-out, striking small castle, with large meadows, narrow and winding stairs to plush rooms and an extensive, well-tended park. More

Go to the Youth Hostel Seelisberg


A secret tip for romantics. The youth hostel is set amidst fields and woods and from here visitors can enjoy an impressive view of Lake Uri. More

Go to Sils i.D. Youth Hostel

Sils i.D.

The castle was originally built in the 13th century. To this day, it offers unique views across the castle-strewn Domleschg countryside. More

go to Sta. Maria Youth Hostel

Sta. Maria

Located in a former inn and storehouse dating from 1537, nature lovers value the neighbouring national park in the summer, while during the winter months the hostel is an ideal base for snow tours. More


The holiday village of Trin reveals the original Grisons. Incredible natural spectacles offer relaxation and incomparable views – and our hostel, renovated using local wood, provides all the comfort you need.  More