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Swiss Youth Hostels

At 52 locations throughout Switzerland we provide inexpensive accommodation and good healthy food to a high standard. Our youth hostels are often situated in prime positions. From castles and villas through to modern urban city youth hostels you will find everything your heart desires.

The youth hostels Château d'Oex, Fällanden and Sils im Domleschg are only accessible to groups.

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Here is a meeting place where sports enthusiasts can enjoy a combination of French-Swiss savoir-vivre and Oberlandian friendliness, a rich variety of sports facilities and unspoilt nature. More

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The youth hostel stands outside the village of Fällanden on the shore of Lake Greifen, a largely environmentally-protected area. For groups only! More

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Sils i.D.

The castle was originally built in the 13th century. To this day, it offers unique views across the castle-strewn Domleschg countryside. More