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Refurbishment time! Reopening: 29 March 2018

Berne Youth Hostel

Weihergasse 4
3005 Bern (BE)

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Phone: +41 31 326 11 11
Fax: +41 31 326 11 12


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49 rooms at Bern Youth Hostel have barrier free access.

Barrier-free stay

The entire ground floor of the main building (dining room and reception) has two slightly different levels. A ramp with a 6% incline links the two together, making it accessible to wheelchairs. The garden seating area has a tarmac surface, linking the main building to the sleeping block.

Hindernisfreie Unterkunft

Rooms Barrier-free beds per room
2 double rooms with barrier-free shower/WC 2 beds
2 family rooms with barrier-free shower/WC 3 beds
13 double rooms with shower/WC 2 beds
13 4-bed rooms with shower/WC 2 beds
14 4-bed rooms with basin 2 beds
3 6-bed rooms with basin 3 beds
2 8-bed rooms with basin 4 beds

The ramp has a slope of 6%.


All areas are wheelchair friendly and easily accessible from the upper floors via the passenger elevator.

  • Width of corridor outside elevator: 150cm
  • Width of elevator door: 80cm
  • Width of elevator: 110/115cm
  • Depth of elevator: 140/210cm

Width of room doors 80cm.


Barrier-free wash rooms

There is a barrier-free WC on the ground floor (dining room/reception). There is an accessible basin in every room. The main building has three floors with multi-bedded rooms and a wheelchair accessible wash room on each level. The sleeping block houses 2- and 4-bedded rooms. This includes 2 double and 2 family rooms equipped with a barrier-free shower/WC. There is a wheelchair accessible wash room on the first floor.

Wash room dimensions:

  • Door width: 80cm
  • WC seat height: 46cm
  • Height of access under basin: 70cm
  • Fitted shower seat
  • Fitted grab rails

Barrier-free journey

By car / by foot

Around 900m from the station and 100m from Dalmazibrücke bus stop

  • During the day (up to 21.00): From the Bahnhofplatz, take Christoffelgasse to Bundesgasse. Cross the street and go left down Bundesgasse for around 50m. On reaching Gurtengasse, go right through the small park to the Marzilibahn (small cable railway). The Marzilibahn is wheelchair accessible. On reaching the lower station of the Marzilibahn, bear left into Weihergasse. The youth hostel is the last building on the left. A paved path takes you via the garden seating area to the main entrance.
  • From 21.00:Take the number 30 bus (low-floor bus with folding ramp) from the Bahnhofplatz to the "Dalmazibrücke" bus stop. Cross Weihergasse around 50m down river and continue for about 30m. The youth hostel is on the right. A paved path takes you via the garden seating area to the main entrance.

By car

The youth hostel has two wheelchair friendly parking spaces (charge applies) around 50m from the main entrance. Please remember to book in advance. Disabled persons with an official blue parking permit have free access to these parking spaces.

Useful information

Links to public transport


  • BETAX Mobilität für Behinderte, Phone: +41 31 990 30 80
  • Bären Taxi AG, Phone: 0800 55 42 32

Closest pharmacy

  • Bäre Apotheke
    Bim Zytglogge1
    3011 Bern
    Tel: +41 31 311 10 94
  • Kornhaus Apotheke
    Kornhausplatz 6
    3011 Bern
    Tel: +41 31 311 72 11


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